From hating sales to making sales

From hating sales to making sales

Get just good enough at sales to stop spamming people, find your first 100 customers, and grow a business people love to pay you 💰💰💰 for.

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Ok, let’s get real for a minute…

You don’t want to learn sales.

You want to build a profitable business. And sales isn’t how you’re going to grow long term.

Plus, it’s scary, uncomfortable, and you’re just not very good at it.

So you can skip it and just do marketing instead. Right?



If you want to take the least risky, least sleazy, fastest route to $10k MRR - you *absolutely* want to start out by doing sales.


Courtland Allen, founder of Indie Hackers, says it best…

Make sales your unfair advantage

You know how things haven't quite worked out for your business so far?

  • ... you can't find your first customers
  • ... people aren't replying to your emails
  • ... your sales calls don't turn into new customers
  • ... $10k MRR seems miles away and you're starting to feel alone and directionless 😓

What if - this time - it were different?

When you take this free course and learn the fundamentals of sales, it will be!

You'll learn how to...

  • ... identify and find potential customers
  • ... get them to show interest and talk to you
  • ... put them on a path to success and get them to buy
  • ... use your early sales to transition into a successful marketing plan

... all in less time than it takes to watch four episodes of Better Call Saul!

Ready to grow?

Being 'good enough' at sales is a superpower. it's how...

  • ... I built and sold multiple SaaS businesses of my own
  • ... a whole lot of successful bootstrappers I interviewed on the S4F podcast started their businesses
  • ... I've helped hundreds of founders like you make $Millions!

… and if someone like me - the least natural salesperson in the world - can get good enough at sales to build a profitable business, then you can too!

Here's what happened to three founders who took my last sales course:

After taking the course, you won’t be a great salesperson.

But you don’t need to be a great salesperson. That would be a waste of your time.

You just need to get into the sales mindset and be ‘good enough’ at sales to get to $10k MRR.

So that’s what you’ll get out of the course.

Fair warning though: You might even start to find doing sales fun...

Join hundreds of founders and stop failing at sales today...

"Will this help me?"

The S4F course is a "sales-hacks" free zone. We're here to help you create lasting value for real people.

You're the perfect fit for this course, if...

  • ... you're a founder, developer, freelancer or plan to be soon
  • ... you're building a business or side project with $0-5k monthly revenue
  • ... you're fed up of building things nobody wants to buy
  • ... you want to build a profitable business with real customers, quickly
  • ... you're not afraid to put in hard work to get results
  • ... you're selling to businesses or 'prosumers'

This course isn't a good fit for you, if...

  • ... you're building an ecommerce store or to-do list app
  • ... you've already built a product to $10k+ MRR before
  • ... you're more interested in pushing your (maybe terrible) product onto the world than building a profitable business
  • ... you aren’t willing to commit to actually doing the work (that’s totally fine btw - there’s no rule against ‘playing’ entrepreneur - just do it somewhere else!)
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Louis Nicholls

Who you're working with...

I'm a naturally terrible salesperson who learned sales the hard way.

Over the last decade I've built and sold several successful SaaS businesses of my own. Including leading sales teams and closing deals worth $100, $1k, $10k, and $100k+.

I've also led partnerships and channel sales for a startup which raised over $14m.

As a sales coach, I've helped hundreds of founders make $millions. And been invited to give sales workshops for Earnest Capital, Baremetrics, Stripe and more.

Outside of S4F, my "day job" is building SparkLoop - a SaaS tool for newsletters.


Will it be worth it for me?

I don't know...

If you're willing to put in the work and are able to focus on the customer's pain not your product vision, then I promise this course will give you the sales skills you need to build a profitable business.

That said, you still need to put in the effort, follow the advice, and care about your audience.

How long can I access the course for?

Forever and ever.

You’ll have access to all the videos, worksheets along with any future updates we have planned.

How long does the course take to complete?

Consuming the content takes about 3 hours. If you do the exercises too, you'll need to set aside maybe two afternoons.

Most founders find themselves coming back to specific sections as they encounter challenges and need a refresh though.

Why do I need to learn sales? Can’t I do this with marketing?

Ah, the classic technical founder mistake.

Read this and then come back...

I already have a product, will this course help me turn it into a profitable business?


If you already have more than 2 paying customers then yes, almost definitely.

If not, then there's a good chance it is impossible to turn your product into a profitable company.

Either way, you'll find that out super quick in this course, and learn how to pivot to something people do want to buy (if necessary).

I don’t have a product yet, is that a problem?

No no no!

That's ideal!

With a fresh slate, it'll be easier for you to get into the "sales mindset" and focus on creating value for real people.

Coming into the course without having made mistakes will help you move forward much faster (because you have less baggage to drop along the way).

Do you offer coaching/a community as well?

Yes! There's a (paid) S4F community, and I run Sales Bootcamps for small groups of highly motivated founders (with 1-on-1 coaching) too.

You can find out more about them by enrolling in the free course.

I know how difficult it can be to commit the time (or cash) to that, so I've finally managed to make the lessons and templates available by themselves at a more affordable price.

I have another question…


I love helping founders and answering your questions.

Just shoot me an email.

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